For over 30 years, Jerry's Dry Cleaners has been known for our thorough cleaning and gentle care of fabrics. To advance this technology even further, Jerry's now introduces its latest revolution The wet cleaning system. Jerry's is the only one in Monmouth and Ocean counties that has this new technology. Jerry's Dry  Cleaners is one of Ocean and Monmouth counties only solvent free cleaners. We use biodegradable soaps to clean your clothes. The results of wet- cleaning are equal to dry cleaning, but without all the dangerous solvents. This eco-friendly process can be used with all fabrics that ask for dry cleaning including suede, silks, rayons wools, wedding dresses and tailored garments Wet cleaning is kind to sensitive skin safe for your clothing & gentle on the environment. We do all of our cleaning In house. Family owned and operated for over 25 years, we are committed to providing friendly, knowledgeable service.

We love clean clothes and we love helping you keep yours clean.
 Jerry's professional wet cleaning is a system that enables optimum cleaning results while still providing outstanding protection to fibers. It produces superior cleaning results, providing garments with a fresh scent and a soft feel kind to sensitive skin. Another benefit is that it extends the range of services to cover not only dry Clean only garments, but also leather, suede, Ugg Boots, restoration work, wedding gowns, larger household items, featherbeds, stuffed animals, and sports pads. At Jerry's Dry Cleaners we pride ourselves in high quality service. All cleaning is done on site with our Miele Wet Cleaning System that gently cleans your clothes by utilizing ecologically friendly detergents. The system is gentle not only to your clothes, but to the environment as well. From wedding gowns to wool sweaters, from blue jeans to baby blankets, from table linens to linen suits, all will feel better after paying us a visit. Ocean and Monmouth counties only Solvent Free Cleaners!


Sweater Service
Stack 'Em-But Not Too High

There's a reason fine department stores stack their knitwear instead of displaying them on hangers, and it's not a burning desire to create a mess or have you frustrated as you search for 'your size'. The reason is that knitwear stretches and distorts relatively easily, and if they were to hang them for prolonged periods the weight of the sweater would cause it to stretch. So, the right way to store your knits (even for short periods of time) is to gently fold them and put them away on a shelf or in a drawer. Make sure the shelf or drawer is lined with no rough edges to create pulls or snags. Put the heavier weight knits on the bottom, lighter weight on the top and NEVER stack them so high that the overall weight would put creases in the sweaters on the bottom.

Once the mercury starts to fall, our wardrobes change to reflect it. In our world, a sweater is always an obvious 'go to' piece of clothing, regardless of whether or not the pundits say it's fashionable.

We want to remind you, that knitwear is different from a structured garment. It demands a special kind of care from both of us, so scroll down to see what we promise you in the way of perfectly processed

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