Specialty Cleaning


Leather and Suede

We know how much it means to you so we take extra care when it comes to leather and suede.  We are capable of restoration cleaning and waterproofing all leather and suede items from hats to jackets to shoes.


We offer cleaning and waterproofing of all UGG boots.

Varsity Jackets

We have cleaned many varsity jackets over the last 30 years and know exactly what we are doing!


                                     Stack 'Em-But Not Too High 

"There's a reason fine department stores stack their knitwear instead of displaying them on hangers, and it's not a burning desire to create a mess or have you frustrated as you search for 'your size'. The reason is that knitwear stretches and distorts relatively easily, and if they were to hang them for prolonged periods the weight of the sweater would cause it to stretch. So, the right way to store your knits (even for short periods of time) is to gently fold them and put them away on a shelf or in a drawer. Make sure the shelf or drawer is lined with no rough edges to create pulls or snags. Put the heavier weight knits on the bottom, lighter weight on the top and NEVER stack them so high that the overall weight would put creases in the sweaters on the bottom."

Once the mercury starts to fall, our wardrobes change to reflect it. In our world, a sweater is always an obvious 'go to' piece of clothing, regardless of whether or not the pundits say it's fashionable.

We want to remind you, that knitwear is different from a structured garment. It demands a special kind of care from both of us.